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Our company started to serve with wholesale food trade in Ankara in 1990. Altınışık Süt ve Süt Ürünleri expanded its service network with the investments it made in the field of production in 2007. 3,000 m2 of our factory, built on a total area of 10,000 m2, is a closed area. Our facility, which has a milk processing capacity of 100 tons daily, started to produce white cheese, cheddar cheese, butter and other dairy products.
Our factory is located in Kırşehir region and collects milk from the producer with its exclusive milk collection center. The collected milk is produced in our factory with the latest technology, and obtained milk products are presented to our consumers in a healthy, high quality and hygienic way.
ALTINIŞIK, which carries out its production under the highest technology and hygienic conditions, produces real white cheese, cheddar cheese, butter and cheese varieties with the desired taste quality in ISO 22000 standards under the supervision of food experts within its body. ALTINIŞIK products are delivered to our final consumer completely in cold chain form and are offered from production to consumption with the freshness of the first day.
Our aim is to provide food safety at every stage, from raw material to reaching the final customer, work with a focus on customer satisfaction, offers products of unmatched quality without compromising its traditional values; In line with the principles of the ISO 22000 quality control system, high-level technology and completely hygienic conditions.

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From Production to Consumption with the Freshness of the First Day..

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